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Zhongwang was founded in 1993 with the head office in Liaoning Province. After 24 years continuously growing, the annual production capacity can reach 800,000 tonnes. The total assets of ZhongWang are 8.91billion with more than 10,000 employee including 1,120 technical people above middle level. 8th May 2009 marked a major milestone in the Company’s corporate development when shares of China Zhongwang had its debut trading on the main board of the Stock Exchanges of Hong Kong Limited under the s...

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          • Aluminium Extrusion Profiles for roof of subway carriage Profile for roof connection of subway carriage Metro mount pad Profiles for sidewall and floor of subway carriage Profiles for subway conductor rail Profile for CRH3-380A underframe Carriage body profile Equipment crossbeam profile Air cylinder shell Profile for woodworking equipment,6005-T6 Profile for electric power enginering sector Curtain wall corner profile,6063-T6 Large Cross Extrusion Section For Tubes Aluminium Extrusion Profiles For Motor Cylinder Shell Aluminium Window and Door Aluminium Rediator 582mm in Diameter Aluminium Billets Aluminium Solar Stand Aluminium Solar Shading Aluminium Handrail Aluminium Ladder
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          • NO. 299 Wensheng Road Liaoyang City Liaoning Province China
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          • 111003
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          • WANG HENAN
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          • 86-419-3688888
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          • 86-419-4152332
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